Audio Visual With TGP

At TGP, we provide market-leading, fully bespoke experiential marketing tools to ensure our clients make the most of the latest AV technology. Whether it is virtual or augmented reality, touch-screen interactive displays, kinetic solutions or full guest experience journeys, we’ve offer the full portfolio at the right price point.

We continuously invest in both our audio-visual stock and knowledge pool, so we only ever provide the latest technology available on the market. Our highly-experienced AV team has a deep knowledge not only of the AV world and Internet of Things, but also in the fields of marketing, storytelling, and app and presentation development – so you can be sure we’ll always find the best solution for any situation.

As well as boasting a proven track record in theatre, stage and show techniques, TGP is also the proud home of a dedicated in-house interactive development and technology department that endeavours to develop products which are not only unique, but fit the mission and vision of our clients' business needs.

Please download our services overview presentation for a detailed look at all that TGP can offer you.