Over the years, TGP has had the privilege of creating stunning exhibition stands for some of the world’s most prestigious names from the Middle East and beyond - including Etihad Airways, Ford, and Nakheel – to name just a few.

Our expertise for exhibition stands runs far beyond design and build. TGP provides full exhibition services, guiding our clients through the whole process from initial concept to delivery and execution. Working at every level of the exhibition process in this way gives us a unique insight into what it takes to create and run successful exhibition stands - so we’re best placed to help you find the positives and avoid the pitfalls.

Exhibition stands - key considerations

The first step in exhibition stand success is to set your goals. Before you get into the nitty gritty of design and build, you first need to ascertain your reasons for exhibiting in the first place as this will dictate your strategy on the day. Do you want to boost sales, for example, or launch a new product?

Next, you’ll want to familiarise yourself with the exhibition site and envision how your stand will fit in with its surroundings. Once you have this picture in your mind, you can move on to the design aspects of your exhibition stand.

Exhibition stands come in all shapes and sizes, so there is plenty to consider when it comes to design. As well as considering the impact certain shapes and colours can have on your audience - red is often seen as authoritative, and blue evocative and aspirational, for example - you’ll also need to keep in mind practical aspects such as how you plan to store your exhibition stands and how easy they are to set up.

Finally, as your stand will likely be side-by-side with hundreds of other exhibition stands, you’ll need a strategy to attract and keep visitors at yours. Again there is much to consider. Exhibition stands must be much more than just visually compelling – they should wow every sense of your audience and include interactive elements to catch the eye and engage visitors. You need to both grab and hold the audience’s attention.

The art of exhibition stands

It’s clear to see that there’s plenty at play when it comes to creating the perfect exhibition stand. While aesthetics are, of course, an essential consideration, they are only part of the puzzle. Exhibition stands must also have purpose, along with a practical link to your product, service, or brand. Keeping all of these factors in mind is vital to ensuring your exhibition is a success and you meet all of your marketing objectives for the day.

Attracting the attention of your visitors is key to this success, but holding it is what really counts. Ultimately, you want your exhibition stand to be a refuge for your potential customers. Somewhere that they want to be among the throngs of other exhibition stands vying for their attention. Get this right, and you’ll get results.

Working with TGP

When managed correctly, exhibiting can give your business a real, tangible boost, bringing about exceptional ROI. And it’s for this reason that, with TGP’s help, so many of the world’s leading brands exhibit at trade shows and expos around the world every year.

When you work with TGP, you get much more than a visually stunning exhibition stand. You get a powerful marketing tool that reflects and communicates the values of your business, along with a watertight strategy to draw customers to your stand and drive up that all-important ROI.